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Home-Made Butter

I started out with a very small carton of Heavy Whipping Cream. Next time I go to the store, I’ll look at the ounces and update this page. But this will work with any amount of heavy whipping cream. The more you start with, the longer it will take and the more butter you will end up with.

1. Start by pouring your heavy whipping cream into your mixer bowl and turning it on medium for a few minutes and then gradually increase the speed. I don’t have a splash guard, so I kept mine at a medium. The slower you go, the longer it will take though. 


2. After several minutes, you’ll notice it will start to turn into whipped cream. Once it reaches a stiffer consistency, you could stop here, add some sugar and vanilla and you’d have great tasting whipped topping. But we are making butter, so lets keeps going. 🙂


3. After even more mixing, you’ll notice that it’s starting to separate a bit.


4. Keep going – and now you’ll notice that the butter and buttermilk have pretty much fully separated. For the little amount of heavy cream I started with, it took about 15 minutes to get to this stage.

butter55. Now it’s time to stop the mixer, pour off the buttermilk if you want to keep it, (it’s great in recipes) and rinse the butter. Get all of the butter out of the whisk and put the ball in the mixer bowl and pour ice-cold water (about a cup and a half) into the bowl with the butter mass. Return to mixer and mix for about a minute. This is where things get really messy on your counter if you don’t have a splash guard. I rinsed mine twice – you’re looking for the water to be pretty clear. This assures you that you’ve gotten out as much of the buttermilk as possible.

butter6butter8 6. Once my butter mass was rinsed, I used my hands to sort of compress it together and squeeze out as much water as I could get. The more liquid you’ve gotten out of the butter, the longer it will last in the fridge. If you leave too much liquid in the butter, it’ll go rancid in about a week.

butter77. I then added a very small pinch of salt and cut it in with a fork until I was sure it was well incorporated. You could leave it unsalted, or add in any flavoring you like. Cinnamon and Sugar, Garlic, red pepper, etc ….

And now you can marvel at the fact that you’ve made your own butter! You can now purchase a butter mold online and give it as gifts! Maybe with some home-made jam and a loaf of home-buttermoldmade bread. 🙂










3 thoughts on “Home-Made Butter

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  2. You do the neatest stuff! Great instructions and I love the pictures! I think I want to try, so I’ll let you know how it goes!


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