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Crock Pot Cheese Tortellini Soup

When I saw a verstion of this soup on pinterest, I KNEW I had to give it a try! I made some changes that fit my tastes better and it turned out AMAZING! It is so full of flavor and is nice and creamy. A note about the tortellini; I don’t know if my crock pot is just a beast or what, but next time I make this soup, I will waittotellini soup to add in the pasta until about 30 or 40 minutes before it’s done cooking. I put everything into the crock pot on this first run and the poor tortellini just cooked itself into non-existence. lol. I like my pasta to be present in the dish!

OK, so let’s get to making this wonderful soup!


  • 1 bag (10-12 oz) of frozen tortellini (I used three cheese)
  • 2 cans (14.5 oz) of Italian Diced Tomatoes (if the can doesn’t say Italian diced, just get the one that has the garlic, oregano and basil in it) UNDRAINED
  • 4 cups of chicken broth
  • 1 block (8 oz) of cream cheese, cubed
  • 1 pound of ground sausage ( I used Jimmy Dean Hot)
  • Small amount of fresh spinach


Brown the sausage and drain. Add the tomatoes, chicken broth, cream cheese cubes and sausage to the crock pot and cook on low for 3-4 hours. *You can add in the frozen tortellini with everything else, but as I said, mine cooked down too soft. However, that might be due to the fact that my crock pot has a rubber ring around the lid and even on low, it cooks pretty hot. If you do add it in with everything else, let me know how yours turns out. Otherwise, add the tortellini in about an hour (if frozen) or 3o minutes (if thawed) before the soup is finished cooking. This is also when you add the spinach. If you put it in in the beginning, it will turn brown and look very sad.  The main thing here is to keep an eye on the soup the last hour and make a determination about the tortellini and spinach, and the consistency of your soup.

I served mine with salad, bread sticks and a 5 cheese italian blend of shredded cheese. Enjoy!


totellini soup

When it comes time to freeze the left-overs, if you prefer your soups in a bag and not a plastic container, use these niffty clips to “hang” your bag of soup from the underside of your freezer rack until frozen. This insures the soup will freeze into a nice compact “roll” sort of shape, which is easier to store in the freezer. If you’ve ever filled a gallon bag with soup and then set it on the counter, it immerdiately gets this weird, beer belly sort of shape that creates all sorts of weird corners with the bag. NO THANKS! lol You can also freeze it flat, but I find this is super easy to stuff into small gaps made by other frozen items in the freezer.


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