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Corset Style Gloves

Corset Style Gloves     $2.00            Or visit my pattern store here.

My pattern shows you how to make these corset style gloves. It comes complete with lots of photos and detailed instructions on knitting the gloves, installing the closed rings and making a continuous ribbon lacing. This pattern is easy to follow and I am always available for any additional help if need be. =-)

This pattern utilizes:

Knitting on DPN’s



Increasing and k2tog.

Please feel free to do whatever you like with your finished gloves. They are your hard work and you have full rights to them, no matter how many you make! These knit up quickly and cost little to make. These Corset Gloves could be a great addition to your etsy/facebook/ebay shop. *but please do not resell or give away the pattern. =-)

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