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Freezing Apple Pie filling.

With the abundance of apples right now, it’s a great idea to find as many ways as possible to preserve them for the winter/summer months. I don’t have my own fruit tree, so I make sure I catchpie8 them on sale and stock up! This week, I got Granny Smith apples for .63 cents a pound! There are many ways to preserve apples and since I’ve already dehydrated about 30 pounds of Ginger Golds, these granny smith apples are THE perfect apple for pie filling. You can also can the filling, but I didn’t have any quart jars or lids on hand and didn’t want to add to the cost of getting the apples for such a great deal by going and getting the jars. So, I googled around and finally found a recipe that looked like it had all the components I was looking for. I don’t remember where this came from, or even if it’s the original from where I got it. Who knows, BUT .. I do know that once I mixed up this filling, I just about died from the WONDERFUL SMELL. lol.

HERE’s the recipe, or you can find the same page in the Recipes menu to the right. 🙂 Happy preserving!!



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