My Coupon Binder

It has taken me nearly a week to get my coupon binder organized. Being a Libra means I have FAR too many choices to sort through and I end going back and forth on things until I FINALLY find my way to something that I am totally happy with. ­čÖé I started out by working up a Table of Contents using categories that I knew I would understand and remember. I also tried to organize them in the way that I would come across things in the store. For example; if i”m going to buy a box of hotpockets for the Husbeast for lunch, I know I can check to see if I have a coupon by going to the category Grocery and then the tab marked Frozen. If I am buying razors, I can flip to the category Personal Care and then the tab marked Shaving. So far, it’s working out wonderfully for me.

Here’s what my binder looks like:

The Cover. I got this from pinterest. There are literally TONS of FREE coupon printables. I may change this to something more personal later on.

This is my Ad Match sheet where I log a stores ad price for something I want to ad match at walmart. I also carry each stores ad in the back of my binder. Ad matching is a great way to save money not only on a product you buy, but also in gas because you don’t have to drive to lots of different stores.


This is the printout from for any free or drastically cheap products that I want to take advantage of. It’s super simple to refer to this list when at the appropriate store, look for the item, if they have it, pull your coupon and move on. lol.


Tabel Of Contents for each of my categories


The Grocery section is the largest in my binder, but having it broken down into so many smaller sections makes finding a coupon nearly brainless.


This is how the coupons look in each of their sections. Each coupon (or set if more than one of the same) goes into one of the slots in a baseball card sheet. I use the front and back of each pocket. I try to place them with the expiration date showing so that it makes it easy to pull the expired ones when needed.



Each category is easy to find and flip to.



Personal Care


Pharmacy. It’s great to be able to see if I have a coupon for anything I need in the pharmacy. If you don’t buy these items very often, it’s easy to forget that you have $1.00 coupons for vitamines or cough drops.


Cheap Chicken Taco night

So this is where catching the rotisserie┬áchickens on sale for $2.50 pays off. And if you’ve been good about couponing and using your food saver, you may already have some of these ingredientschickentacos and then your total dinner cost is even lower. (already having the refried beans, chicken taco seasoning mix and extra shredded cheese stored in the freezer)

Here’s how to put it together:

  • 1 shredded and thawed rotisserie chicken ┬á(2.50)
  • 1 package chicken taco seasoning mix (.63)
  • 1 can refried beans (1.00 full price .80 couponing)
  • a few fresh tomatoes (1.00)
  • 1 red onion (.74 ibotta cash back for .25, ttl: .49)
  • 1 bunch cilantro (1.78)
  • green onion (free because you grow them in your kitchen window!)
  • corn tortillas (1.88)
  • lettuce head (1.43 or free if you chop up salad leftovers from the night before)
  • 1 bag shredded cheese (2.00)

Total: $10.21


1. Break up your thawed chicken and add about a tablespoon of water and dump in the seasoning mix. Toss by hand and heat in the microwave for 1 minute. Take out and toss and make sure it’s heated through. If not, heat it again for another minute or so. Once it’s hot, place it in a covered dish for serving. Add a bit more water if it looks or feels too dry. It should be moist.

2. Chop the tomatoes, half the red onion, about 3-4 green onions and a small amount of cilantro into a bowl. The amounts really just depend on what you like, so just eye-ball it. You can also just purchase already made pico de gallo in the produce section of walmart for $3.00.

3. Heat beans in a sauce pan until heated throughout.

4. Heat a griddle or flat pan on the stove, brush with cooking oil and fry corn tortillas until hot and slightly crispy. Place in a covered dish or tortilla warmer.

5. Chop some lettuce and serve!

* When you buy a bundle of green onions at the store, if you don’t end up using all of them, and as long as there is still some green parts left; place them in a jar of water near a window. They will regrow all on their own and you can keep cutting more off as they grow. You’ll get SEVERAL growths out of them, depending on how quickly you use them up.┬ágreenonions

Rotel Chicken Spaghetti

We love breakfast burritos for dinner on occasion, but I am always at a loss with the leftover rotel and velveeta mix. We eat all of the scrambled eggs and sausage and I do use the small block of rotelchicken
velveeta and only one small can of rotel, but it’s still just more than what we can use. So I went looking on the good old internet and found a GREAT way to use up that leftover cheesy goodness! And, this is so delicious, you could make IT the dinner and use the leftovers for the breakfast burritos! lol


  • 1 small can or rotel original
  • 1 small box of velveeta cheese
  • chicken from one rotisserie (or equal amount of other cooked chicken)
  • 1 can of cream of mushroom soup
  • spaghetti noodles
  • diced fresh tomato and green onion


Get the spaghetti noodles cooking –

If you are using the leftover velveeta and rotel mix, dump into a pan and add the can of cream of mushroom soup and heat through. If it’s too thick for you, you can add a bit of milk to make it more of a sauce. If you aren’t using leftovers, then just stir and heat together the rotel (undrained), velveeta (cubed) and the cream of mushroom soup. Now add the chicken and heat everything up until it’s nice and hot. When the ┬ánoodles are finished, serve everything as you would for traditional spaghetti. I served it with fresh diced tomatoes and chives. I made my own garlic butter spread using my home-butter and garlic powder mixed together and spread on to two halves of a loaf of french bread.

* tip: Every time I go to the grocery store, I check the deli for rotisserie chickens that have been marked down. The regular price is usually $5-6 and only $2.50-3 after they are marked down. I buy as many as I can and debone them and freeze the meat in quart baggies. It’s so easy to just thaw one or two when needed. I use them in SO many recipes.┬á



Open Faced Italian Sandwich with Three Cheese Tortellini Salad

This is a favorite around our house. The hot italian sandwich pairs perfectly with the chilled tortellini salad. The seasoned meat mixture makes enough to fill an entire french loaf, or you can freeze half of it for a later date. Both of the recipes can be found in the menu to the right. My daughter even suggested that this could be made with a red sauce or even in the spirit of pizza. The possibilites are numerous! ­čÖé



Served with Tortellini Salad

Served with Tortellini Salad