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Basic White Bread

I bought myself a bread machine earlier in the year and I’ve had great success with it, but I’ve only used the boxed bread from krusteaz. The one where all you do is add water, dump in the box,bread5
make a well for the yeast and hit start. It’s super easy and tastes great. However, I didn’t have any on hand today and so I decided to try making the bread from actual ingredients. lol. I found this recipe on the internet and read all of the comments and made the recommended changes. I can’t say enough great things about this recipe! It was perfect and just as easy as the pre-boxed stuff. And, I think it actually tasted better – my Husbeast ate it up and there was nothing left after serving it with dinner. So if you’re stuck thinking INSIDE the box, give this a try … you wont be disappointed!

Here’s what I did: (full recipe in menu on the right)

1. Get your ingredients together. (The recipe can be found on the menu to the right)


2. Add the water (must be 110*), sugar and yeast to the bread machine pan. And let the yeast foam (activate) for 10 minutes.


3. Now add in the vegetable oil, flour and salt and chose your settings.


4. After the bread machine alerts you that it’s finished, remove the pan and then the bread. Make sure your knead bars came out. If not, your bread machine may have come with a special little tool for digging them out of the bottom of the loaf. This is the first loaf I’ve ever made, that I did NOT have to dig out either of the knead bars! (I got excited about that. lol)





5. Let the bread cool for just a few minutes and then slice and enjoy! See my how to on making your own home-made butter to go along with your delicious bread!



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