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Tilapia and Broccoli Freezer Meal for Grazing Teens


3 minutes for the broccoli was too long. While the fish was in the microwave (5 min. was perfect). I heated a couple of inches of water in a sauce pan and and cooked the broccoli for about 1.5 minutes and she said that tasted a lot better. The 3 minutes in the microwave made the broccoli very limp. lol


This is the second freezer meal I have put together for my grazing teen. I was inspired to create these easy to prepare meals because as I’ve said before, she prefers grazing to large meals. Thegrabandgofish4a problem with that is I either end up in the kitchen 100’s of times a day, or, she ends up grazing on the wrong types of food. So this is my solution for having quick, but healthy(‘ish) meal choices. Also, my motivation is two-fold – since she’s turning 15 at the turn of the new year, she will be getting a job soon and then before I know it, she will be moving out and starting her own life. I want to have set a nice pattern for food choices well before that time comes. I want to teach her through example, that a day of food prep can make a freezer full of wonderful meals that are both easy and delicious. So for this meal, I have chosen individually wrapped tilapia fillets and individual portions of broccoli. The fish was purchased already portioned and frozen and I bought the broccoli in a large bundle at my local Aldi. In order to freeze the broccoli properly so that safety and quality are maintained, it needs to be blanched for 3 minutes. Then give it a nice dip in ice water for no more than the amount of time it was blanched. Then set it out to drip dry for a few minutes, lay it out in a single layer on a cookie sheet and freeze for 1-2 hours. Then, portion out single servings into sandwich bags and then place all of the bags in a gallon freezer bag with the date and cooking instructions written on the front. Super easy!

Blanch in boiling water for 3 minutes

Blanch in boiling water for 3 minutes


Ice water bath for 2-3 minutes


Freeze in single layer for 1-2 hours



Creole Seasoned Tilapia, Broccoli and Brown Gravy

The instructions for this plate can be found in the recipes menu to the right.


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