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Honey Orange Slices

I had 5 oranges leftover from a bag I bought earlier in the week and I was worried they would spoil before someone ate them. So, this is what I came up with for preserving them. I peeled andhoneyoranges seeded them, and broke each segment apart and put them in a quart jar. I tried to get as much of the pith removed as I could, without damaging the meaty parts. I then made an extra light simple syrup with 1.75 cups sugar and 5.5 cups of water. Once the sugar was dissolved, I added a very small amount of honey to the mixture. I continued to simmer the syrup for about a minute and then I ladled it into the jar of orange slices. Use something flat to run along the inside edges of the jar to get rid of the bubbles and then add more syrup if needed. I wont bother water bathing this as it’s only one quart. But let me tell you, they are delicious! Especially if you heat them up the next time you want to eat some. I will be doing this again and again! lol.


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