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Canned Cherries

pittedcherriesI found cherries on sale today for $1.49 a pound and, I got about 8 pounds. I LOOOOVE cherries and they only come around about ONCE a year where they are affordable, and it’s like Christmas in July when I can get them. However, with my new found love of canning, I can hopefully have them all year long now! šŸ™‚

I have to say, I wasn’t too happy about having to pit all those cherries by hand though – so I took a chance and went to the kitchen section at walmart to see if they had anything. Now pittermind you, I have NEVER seen a cherry pitter of any kind at walmart and so I wasn’t too hopeful. As luck would have it though, there they were! AND, they were marked down from $13 to $1! I couldn’t believe my luck! I bought two so I could wrangle in a family member to help me pit the cherries. As it turns out, my wonderful Husbeast was more than glad to lend a hand. Honestly, I think he wants to help promote all of the goodness I’ve been whipping up lately. lol. Anyway, this little device is made by Progessive and is called Prepsolutions 6 cherry pitter and it works amazingly well!

To can the cherries, I chose a light syrup and followed the Ball canning book on raw-packing and then processed them in a water bath canner for 25 minutes. I can’t wait to taste them for dessert one night after a heartly winter dinner!





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