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Bacon gooood!

So my local discount store had a great sale on rind on bacon today. I got 10 lbs for $16, making it $1.60 a pound. If you’ve bought bacon lately, you know that’s a LOT cheaper than what you bacon
can find in the store. Some people don’t like the rind on cut, but once it’s cooked, you can just cut that part off. If you live in the south, then you know that we dump our bacon into a large bowl of flour seasoned with salt and pepper and shake the bowl like crazy to coat the pieces. Then it’s baked in the oven and savored for the rest of the day! lol
A note on vacuum sealing bacon. After three failed bag seals, I discovered that if I wrapped the bacon in parchment paper before putting it in the bag, the juices didn’t run up the bag and prevent the food saver from sealing. Good to know!



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