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Scrambled eggs … the Ramsay way!

Scrambled eggs are easily overlooked, but NOT if you apply some Chef Ramsay flair. The on and off again technique really made a huge difference in the consistency of my own scrambled eggs. I didn’t use the crème fraiche or the sourdough bread … I just used what I already had in my kitchen. I did treat the eggs with more kindness than I normally do. lol. Chef Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course has taught me to be kind and gentle to food, and the results are rewarding! My Husbeast loved them so much that he sought me out just to eagerly proclaim to me how amazing they were! lol

Here’s what I used in the eggs in the photo:  eggs

– 4 eggs
– some pico d’ gallow
– fresh chives
– 2 slices of cheese
– 2 sausage links, diced
– a pinch os salt
– a pinch of pepper
– small amount of fresh chives

I beat the eggs, GENTLY, added them to an already hot pan and tossed in the pico, diced sausage and one slice of cheese, pulled apart. On again and Off again with the heat until they came together but weren’t quite done, add in salt and pepper. Then I added the second slice of cheese in two pieces and then took them from the heat and folded in the cheese. Add the pan back to the heat if they still need a little bit of cooking time. DON’T OVER DO IT. You want them to be done, but not dry and clumpy. Serve on a plate topped with fresh chopped chives and fresh sliced tomato and two pieces of toast. Enjoy the best eggs you’ve ever eaten!

And here is the video where he makes his scrambled eggs. I LOVE his little laugh at the end! lol


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