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I made another pair of Sweetheart fingerless gloves in pink this time. I am in LOVE with the pearl bead on the pink heart! I have had some people ask me how I came up with the design for these gloves and I would LOVE to say that it just popped into my heart and then on to the digital paper, but alas, I’m a bit more complicated than that. lol. The inspiration actually came out of a bit of angst towards a particular situation a few months ago. On one of my knitting Facebook pages I belong to, someone posted a picture of these white fingerless gloves. inspirationShe was asking if anyone knew where to get the pattern, and being the wonderful ladies that they are, someone did in fact locate the FREE pattern and posted a link to it in the comments section. But it was in Swedish. Bummer! Sooooo, speaking German as I do, I was actually able to translate enough of the pattern to be able to work it and I told the ladies that I could email what I had translated to them if they needed it. Well, eventually the designer found her way to the Facebook page and literally went mental over the fact that people had posted a link to her FREE pattern without asking her permission and she got further upset that I had translated what little bit I was able to, again, without her permission. Are you serious? It’s not like the pattern cost anything or that anyone had altered it or claimed it as their own. It was a HUGE mess and she eventually pulled the pattern from the internet as some sort of punishment to everyone.

So, what do I do? I get determined to knit the gloves, regardless. lol. I discover that the cable used on the gloves is a traditional Horseshoe cable done upside down. I found the instructions in a knitting dictionary and practiced on some scrap yarn. If you’ve ever knit cables before you’ll find the horseshoe easy-peasy. Once I was comfortable with the stitch pattern, I thought about how I would incorporate it into a pair of gloves. I didn’t want to go all the way around as in the gloves to the left. I’m not that obsessed over cables. I eventually settled on the idea of just doing the one cable up the center of the glove with a ribbing for the rest of the cuff. I like the stretchy cuff and the look of the 1×1 ribbing. Once I knit the glove completely up … I decided I needed something to keep the top edge from rolling under and to make it a bit smaller as it seemed to bunch up around my fingers. That’s when I decided on the crocheted scalloped edge for the top. To fill in the top area of the glove, I went to add a crocheted flower, but because I had knit them in red and Valentines day is coming up, my daughter convinced me to do a heart. After a few minutes on google, I found a simple crocheted heart pattern and asked for permission to include it in my pattern. Granted. (See how easy that was? No fuss. Most designers are happy to share their ideas) Anyway, after the heart was crocheted and sewn in to place, I added a Swarovsky bead from my jewelry making days to help fill in the hole in the center of the heart. And the Sweetheart Fingerless Gloves were born! I guess I can thank the designer of the white gloves for the inspiration because had she not gotten so upset at everyone and made a huge scene, I probably would


have just went on with my life without ever thinking about it further. lol. But, I’m glad it all worked out in the end. I learned something new and I was able to write out a pattern and offer it for FREE. Recently, someone showed me a picture of these (almost) exact gloves for sale on etsy. I wonder where her inspiration came from? Hopefully, it was less drama filled than my own. lol. 


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