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Sorting out next years curriculum

I know it’s only February but since I got a late start on schooling last year (middle of september instead of middle of august) I thought I’d get a head start so I felt more prepared when August comes around this time. Tori is currently homeschooling through 7th grade and we’ve made the decision to skip the 8th. This came about when I spent nearly 3 weeks trying to put together an 8th grade curriculum and every time I came across something we wanted to use, I kept saying “but thats a 9th grade subject … you’ll just have to repeat it.” I don’t know how many times that statement rang out until I finally went “WELL DUH! Just DO 9th GRADE.”  Every subject that she was ready to progress to is listed as a 9th grade subject by our public school system. As a homeschool Mom, I am certianly not trying to be like the very public school system we left becasuse of inadiquacies, but I DO want her to have a diploma and not a GED, so I want to make sure she gets the right classes down in her transcripts. Once I came to that determination, my curriculum planning went MUCH more smoothly. Here’s what I have lined up so far:

Algebra 1 – Teaching Textbooks (new) from timberdoodle.com (I used their per-algebra this year and we love it) I’ve also found that I can get a used set from ebay for about $30-50 cheaper.

Grammer – We are doing the Into to Literature for 9th grade from OakMeadow. I really like how much they focus on writing. The books she will be reading include :

A wizard of earthsea
Animal farm
to kill a mockingbird
Our town

I may also add the easy Grammer Plus workbook from timberdoodle.com. We used their easy grammer 7th grade and it was wonderful.

Science – I will be using the Glencoe Physical + Earth Science student and teacher textbook addition. I found BOTH as as set on ebay for $40.

Social Studies – She only needs a 1/5 unit so I will just get some workbooks from our local school supply store. They have a lot of really great resources. I used some of their history and vocabulary books this year.

Fine Arts – She will be taking private guitar lessons at our local University.

Foreign Language – Tori wants to learn Russian and so she will be using Rosetta Stone. I learned to speak German using this program. It’s fantastic!

P.E – We usually go for walks as a family in the evenings but I can also suppliment with a gym membership if that gets boring.


And that is our ‘plan’ for the 9th grade. I also love to utilize the teachspayteachers.com website as well as many other resources I’ve gathered along the way. Just feeling like I have a direction makes me feel much better about the coming year. 🙂


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