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Treasure Island Unit Study

It’s nice to be back to a normal routine after the Holidays. Tori enjoyed a nice break from school and wasn’t so happy to be back at it this Monday morning. lol We started a new unit on Treasure Island. I have written a study pack that combines some of the structure from the easypeasy web site. If you are a homeschooler and you haven’t been to her site, go there NOW. She has put SO much work into her lesson plans for every grade. It’s much more religious than we need and so I just take the bits that I want to use and trasureislandblogincorporate them into my own lessons. I expanded on her questions and vocab for Treasure Island and made worksheets that can be filled out during the course of reading and kept in a folder. When we finish the unit, I will put the enire pack on here for download. It has a ‘how to use this pack’, printable worksheets and answer key.

We are also starting an Algebra section in match. We use the teaching textbooks from Timberdoodle and I could NOT live without them. I don’t know much of anything about Algebra and these books just do all the teaching themselves. Tori can use either the student book or the CD’s for each assingment. And every question that is in the book is also on the CD’s so if she’s having difficulty with a particular problem, she can browse to that exact question and view a lecture on how to work it out.

I have to say that I never knew I’d love homeschooling this much. I pulled Tori from public school during the last 9 weeks of 6th grade. I was terrified. lol. I had ALL sorts of thoughts like “what if I can’t do it”  “what if I fail her”   “what if I make mistakes”  and  “how do I teach the stuff I don’t even know myself?”  Guess what though …… the biggest thing I learned is that you DON”T have to know it all. What you don’t know and need to teach, you learn yourself and then pass it on to your child. Tori has also learned that if you don’t know something, look it up. Learn it. She sees me doing that all the time and it makes me more human to her. She knows that it’s ok that I don’t know everything she needs to learn because I FIND it and I LEARN it, sometimes, right along with her. That is the beauty of homeschooling. You don’t cram information into your child asking them to MEMORIZE it for the test and then move on. You teach them HOW to learn. That is a skill that will serve them their entire life!


4 thoughts on “Treasure Island Unit Study

  1. Hi, I loved the story and more importantly, my daughter enjoyed it much more than she thought she would. lol. I will get the printables together in a nice pdf for you. 🙂


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